Frequently Asked Questions


Can you Engrave the plates?
We do not offer any engraving services but sell the best quality and priced BLANK custom engraving plates for our customers to engrave.

How do I contact you?
You can contact us by using this form. We usually respond quickly but allow up to 24-48 hours.

What are your hours?
We do our work daily and many times even weekends and nights! 


How is it shipped?
We send all packages Via U.S. Mail using First Class or Priority services depending on the weight. All services will be delivered with your regular mail delivery.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to more than half of the world but because of frequent changes in the policies of the carriers, please go through our checkout on our website to make sure that your country is included. You will also get an updated rate/cost for the shipping live. 

Can I get a tracking number?
Yes, all shipments are sent with tracking and you will be sent an email with the tracking number when the package is shipped.

How Much Are Shipping Costs? 
Enter your full address and shipping address (if different) on the website after you place the items into the cart. In the checkout area you will be able to view ALL shipping options and costs. Note; shipping services that are available depend on the weight and address they are being shipped to.

See our Shipping Policy for more information on shipping.

Returns or Problems

What is your return policy?
All engraving plates that are custom cut with holes, cut corners, custom sizes, or have had tape applied are considered special orders and are non returnable. Contact us with any product defects or quality problems.

See our Return Policy for more information on returns.


Can I use credit card to checkout?
Yes; through the checkout you can pay with all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

The PayPal payment will be a login page if you want to use PayPal. 


Do you offer coupons? 
Yes, we have coupons and specials available by signing up to our newsletter on the Home page. 

Are there quantity discounts? 
Many products have quantity discounts built in that you will see as you change the quantity. If you have any questions on large orders, pricing, or discounts, feel free to contact us.

Tax Exempt? 
Our website will not charge any tax if you are outside of Minnesota or Florida. If your company is located in MN or FL and Tax Exempt (or government, non-profit, etc.) please email us your tax exemption information and be sure to have a registered account on our website. We will set your account so that no tax is charged.

The Process & Products

What are the most popular engraving plates?
Our best sellers are Brass and Aluminum (Brushed are a bit more popular than Bright) that are used on trophies, plaques, awards, memorials, desk nameplates, and other engraving work. The aluminum colors can be used to match a background or picture and the anodized aluminum is designed for accessories or outdoor use. If you need help choosing plates, just contact us and we will try to provide some help in choosing the best plates for your needs.

How long does the custom engraving plate cutting process take?
Your item will generally be shipped to you within 1-2 days. The size, type of material, and customization will determine the time it takes to do the actual work.
Orders of 500pcs or more (or over 100pcs with several customizations) may take up to a week to process.

Can I get a sample? 
We strongly suggest you get a sample and do some testing before proceeding with a large order and we will provide free samples on any material listed on our website at no charge.

Do you have rush service?
Yes, we do offer a rush service which will give your order priority over others. It comes with a small cost, but you will usually get your order shipped the same day and will receive your order much sooner. We can provide overnight shipping on a case by case basis, please contact us if you have a urgent order. 

How are the engraving plates made? 
We take sheet stock of large pieces of raw materials and use specialized industrial equipment to cut and stamp the shapes. 

How deep can I engrave safely in the plates?
Rotary (or scratch) engraving should be less than 0.25 mm deep to prevent distortion or potential breaking. Laser engraving should be less than 0.15 mm for optimal speed and performance.

What other materials do you provide for engraving? Plastics, titanium, platinum, ceramic, carbon fiber, etc?
The majority of our engraving material is aluminum, brass, and some steel. We have some plastics available so feel free to contact us with any requests.

Can the colors wear off?
Solid metal brass and aluminum will maintain their color. Painted or coated plates can wear off with years of wear or abrasion or when the plates are significantly bent, heated, or exposed to chemicals. The anodized metals are designed to withstand weather and wear and will maintain their surface even with outdoor exposure, sunlight, and moisture. 

Can the engraving plates be heated or soldered?
Yes, for the base metals (Brass, Aluminum) without colors (there can be some surface discoloring and you may need to protect the metal when heating or polish it after) because of surface treatments, you should do some testing before important projects.

Can you provide other colors of engraving plates? 
Yes, there are some other colors that can be special ordered. The process takes about 7 - 10 days, please contact us with your requests.

What shapes can you cut engraving plates into? 
We provide square, rectangle, and round/disc shapes at this time. Engraving plates can be customized with notched or rounded corners and we can punch holes in most designs. 

Double Sided Tape Coverage 
You should expect to see between 60 - 80 % coverage for plates ordered with double sided tape. This helps avoid tape showing on the sides when the plate is mounted. For plates that are mounted on stone, cement or other difficult surfaces, it's suggested that you may need a special 3M tape to adhere. 

Other Questions

Do you provide any engraving services or sell engraved products?
At this time we are not doing any engraving. We provide the highest quality engraving products at wholesale prices.