About Us

We are a customer centered company serving organizations, governments, nonprofits, municipalities, and more to produce the exact specifications required for their plaques, plates, signs, name badges, and other needs. We are committed to outstanding customer service through precision manufacturing in the USA.

We provide products including custom metal sizes in materials like brass, aluminum, copper, and steel engraving plates including fasteners and other supplies.

We continuously strive to aid in the development of specialty engraving plates, shapes & metal stamping and related products offered at wholesale prices to enthusiasts and other small businesses.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and patient staff members are committed to make certain you are satisfied with the quality, speed and customer service that you receive.

As well as providing a wide array of engraving materials, we are committed to promoting a culture of "Made In The USA" and skillful jobs in sheet metal production. With decades of experience, you're safe knowing that we'll deliver on time. We offer discounts to currently serving and retired military veteran owned businesses. 

Locations in Palm Harbor, Florida &  Minnesota - Contact Us Here