Outdoor Double Sided Name Plate Adhesive 3/4" x 55 Yards

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  • 2 sided outdoor tape
  • sign tape
  • outdoor sign adhesive


Double sided outdoor tape for mounting plates in any environment. This adhesive tape can be used on smooth or rough surfaces and is perfect for mounting engraving plates. Will bond to metal, brick, rock, plastics, wood, glass, and more. CLEAR tape roll has a 3" inch core and is 55 yards / roll of 3/4" wide tape.

  • Polypropylene (Clear) - Adhesion: 80 oz/in.
  • 8.5 mil (0.215mm) exclusive of liner. 2.2 mil high performance clear polypropylene film coated on both sides with an age-resistant, solvent based acrylic adhesive. Gold siliconized paper liner
  • Extremely aggressive, ensuring permanency of the bond, even when exposed to elements (UV, humidity, solvents and chemicals)
  • Bonds well to nearly all materials - metal, plastic, HSE, LSE, rough surfaces, etc. Used for mounting plastic/wood trims, fabrication of heavy decorative materials and displays, mounting transparent signs, bonding vinyl decals, and attaching plastic corner guards or extrusions. Adhesion: 80 oz/in. Temperature Resistance: -40°F to 248°F (320°F short term)

How to choose plates

How to choose plates
Our best selling engraving plates are Brass and Aluminum (Brushed are a bit more popular than and Bright) that are used on trophy's, plaques, awards, memorials, desk nameplates, and other engraving work. If you choose brushed brass or brushed aluminum, you will be using the most popular engraving plates.  For coated engraving plates, our black aluminum and laser black aluminum (if your using a laser engraver) are the top choices for customers.

The various aluminum colors can be used to match a background or picture and the anodized aluminum is designed for accessories or outdoor use. Both the colored aluminum and anodized aluminum are designed for scratch or rotary engraving.  

Choose by exposure
Solid metal brass and aluminum will maintain their color but painted or coated plates can wear off from physical wear and abrasion or when the plates are significantly bent, heated, or exposed to chemicals. The anodized metals are designed to withstand weather and wear and will maintain their surface even with outdoor exposure, sunlight, and moisture.

Looking to use them for another purpose? 
The solid metal engraving plates can be heated, bent, or soldered (coated plates should NOT). Brass and  aluminum without colors can be bent and modified (there can be some surface discoloring applying a torch and you may need to protect the metal when heating or possibly polish it after) because of surface treatments, you should do some testing before starting important projects. 

 If you need help choosing plates, just contact us  and we will try to provide some help in choosing the best plates for your needs.

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